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The sheer genius of Entourage

March 4, 2008

(this article was re-written several times and became my first submission to – )

Seriously. I love Lost, but it’s getting a bit over the top now. Heroes is awesome and I will brook no opposition, but even though it’s well scripted and produced, you still don’t believe it’s actually happening. Jericho had potential but went off course and struggled to get back on.

Entourage is real. It’s really happening. Right now. Well, that’s what I believe. And therein lies it’s genius. I’m inexorably drawn into the lives of Vince, Drama, E and Turtle and the obnoxious, offensive and deeply funny charm of Vince’s agent Ari Gold.

Why am I drawn in? Because, to an uneducated Brit who’s only ever seen New York a couple of times in the flesh, Entourage has that tangible reality of all great series. Friends had it in spades, Sex And The City had it (several times a day in Samantha’s case) and shows like CSI certainly do.

The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that Entourage is a male version of Sex and the City…. So now I have a major decision to make. Do I ration the last 7 episodes of Season 4, or watch them all in one go in a great big Entourage orgy?