September 29, 2008

four months with no post…….

I’ve been busy. Not that busy obviously, but busy enough to justify not postingfor 4 months.

Kind of.

New job, new home – in exeter this time on a 4 month contract for a government department. Very hush hush. I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you etc

I’m sharing a rented house with an airplane engineer and a psychiatrist. Evening conversations don’t really tend to flow, especially as one of them is into gardening and cookery programmes and the other… well I don’t really know what he watches, but it’s definately not cookery programmes. He’s made that quite clear.

I’ve been downloading most of the internet; currently pulling down Heroes season 3, Entourage season 5 and shortly will be obtaining Dexter season 3.

I recently watched Hellboy2: The Golden Army. Not bad, directed by Guillermo del Torro (Pan’s Labyrinth). It’s a better than average follow up seeing a mix of character development with gratuitous violence and some quirky humour. I also watched Cloverfield which, frankly, was shit. I like JJ Abrahm’s work on Lost, but Cloverfield is a stilted cross between Blair Witch and Godzilla. I was underwhelmed.

I managed to wreck my knee last weekend. I probably did the damage 2 weeks before when I slipped on wet grass and my leg locked up straight. It’s ok-ish now, probably done some moderate damage to cartillage, so I’m going to have to strap it when I start walking and jogging again. I should probably go to the docs as well. And maybe a chiropractic visit to straighten up a recurring locked neck.

Musicwise I’ve recently discovered Flobots (namely the hit song Handlebars). I have no idea how I missed this before, and I’ve never really been a fan of anything even remotely resembling rap, but that song is awesome.

Played lots of poker, all low stakes (except for one bigger cass game at the local casino which I made a 260% profit on a £100 sitdown – always good) and been playing like a fish. I can never play low stakes games properly, I start making wild gambles (it’s only a £5 buy-in right? who cares if I only have two outs…..)

Current list of non functioning things:

  • iPod nano – left it in the car too long and won’t do anything now.
  • XBOX 360 – DVDROM drive broke at the instant I bought GTA IV.
  • Knee – not much I can do about that
  • LG Viewty Phone – delete key no longer works meaning I’m sending people texts with bizarre words and spellings as i can’t be arsed to delete the whole message and start again. Possible iPhone candidiate to replace phone andiPod in one hit….. TOYS!!!!! 🙂

Oh and my car is still at the mechanic’s. hepromised it back in a week. That was 6 months ago.



  1. You need to kick that mechanic’s arse into gear!

    Hmmm… I should make a trip down to Exeter sometime… what with you and a school friend living down there!

  2. Merry Christmas you! I hope you have a wonderful time 🙂

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