Kick back……

March 3, 2008

I’m currently watching Season 4 of Entourage, I have the whole lot as DivX and I’m rationing them, watching them on my housemate’s projector – and the combination of DivX rips and a projector onto a white wall is surprisingly good. I love this series, along with Heroes and Lost. I actually had a ‘can’t be arsed’ night on saturday night, and instead of playing poker or going out on the lash I stayed in on my own and watched catch-up shows and ate organic herb oat-cakes spread with tomato and almond tappenade. Rock ‘n roll all the way baby……

I’ve also recently bought the Firefly box-set as it was one which I had never owned and it was on offer in Zavvi.

Books-wise, I’m currently reading ‘Matter’ by Iain M Banks, though I’ve only just started. Matter is another of the popular Culture books, and for the uninitiated, the Culture is a fictional anarchic socialist and utopian post-scarcity society (to paraphrase Wikipedia) populated by humanoids and AI drones and ‘minds’ – several of whom have a rather caustic sense of humour, such as the autonomous AI warships who choose their own somewhat whimsical but still vaguely malicious names (such as the ‘Frank Exchange Of Views’ and the ‘I Blame The Parents‘ amongst others). If you’ve not read any Iain M Banks* then it’s generally recommended by people (and that includes me) that you start with a book called ‘The Player of Games’.

*To claify, Iain M. Banks and Iain Banks are the same person, however sci fi is published under the ‘M’ and general fiction without the ‘M’


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  1. Firefly rocks… though I’m still gutted there’s no 2nd season or 2nd film.

    Btw… Ta for reminding me I have a Zavvi/Virgin gift card to use!

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