Hey Nikki :)

March 3, 2008

Thanks to my first visitor, commenter and oldest online friend (ie for the longest time not that she’s old hehe) for gracing my blog with her presence. To me, it’s the equivalent of a Verisign seal hehe

What fast car? Great question. Obviously the greats are ones like the Veyron (named after a ’38 le Mans winner iirc?) or the 250 GTO down to the almost-reachable like the Audi R8. In real terms I’m probably looking at an M3 (a bit ‘lottery winner’ dahling) or an Audi S4. I’ve been semi-tempted recently by the Porsche Boxster….I know I know it’s a bit hairdresser and girly, but it’s still a sports car, handles nicely, nice badge, the S model has a bit of go especially with some minor mods. But those choices are at least 6 months away and that’s if I get a contract extension…

Yeah I’m gutted about no season 2 of firefly, is there another film coming out does anyone know?

I’ve just done my second run! woot! I know what it’s like to live in an area full of hills where every casual outing makes you feel like Edmund Hillary, but here it’s luckily all flat, although I do have a nice run down to the beach if I so desire once I’ve completed the 27-run plan (25 to go!)

And now to dinner, and after that, Entourage S04E05-E08


One comment

  1. I think you must be going for the record number of blog posts in one day! šŸ˜€

    I’m stuck with my dinky Ford Ka for another 3 years, but then I don’t go far in it and it does what it’s required to do.

    Good luck with the running… that’s something I’m not very good at!

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