March 3, 2008

I want to establish a ground state. Some record of here so I’ll be able to tell the difference when I get to there (wherever ‘there’ may be).

I’m 29

I’m single (part voluntary, part involuntary)

I’m male, and straight

I quit smoking about a month ago, I took up excercise 2 days ago

I live in England

I have a good job and it’s well paid, although it can be unpredictable

My goals are to repay a crippling debt my ex fiancee helped me run up, to cage dive with sharks, to play in the WSOP, to write and publish fiction, to own another fast car, to live in Vegas or Hollywood, to complete an MBA, to own my own business and to find someone to share it all with.


One comment

  1. That old eh? šŸ˜€ OK, so I’m not far behind! Good luck with the non-smoking. I really should get my bike out and go for a ride, the thing is there’s just so many hills around here! Any particular fast car? I’d love to compete in touring cars… Not the girliest of things, but there you go!

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